Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Ralu Filip, 48, passed away last night from a fatal heart attack. His name is synonymous with the well known Romanian National Audio-Visual Council (NAC/CNA in Romanian) and many of his decisions and actions have been repeatedly disagreed with by both people working in the Romanian media and politicians.
He worked for a few years as a lawyer and between 1990-2001 worked as a journalist for "Curierul National". He was appointed as a member of the NAC by the Romanian Parliament for the 2001-2008 period and then appointed President of NAC for the 2002-2008 period.
Among his long disputed decisions are the regulations imposed on TV and radio stations for the protection of children and the report on the influence of the media upon civic and electoral behaviour, a regulation that was passed shortly before the 19th of May referendum.

His contribution to the developement and the imposing of European regulations in the Romanian media is appreciated by all the active actors on the market.

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