Saturday, 9 June 2007

Being Young

Some say being young is the best part of someone’s life. Some believe in the eternal spirit of the youth. To me something is clear: I am young and I intend to benefit from this every second yet minding not to hurt someone by doing stupid things.
Being young means to enjoy the moment – Carpe diem – to take the best from life and to gain experience that you can use later. Starting with the teenage and up to the mid forties people are considered young. They are enthusiastic, are willing to go far beyond their limits, trying to do things that they have never done before, are open minded and above all have the resources to do all these. Their body and mind allow them to do almost everything is physically and mentally possible.
Of course many of us remain young deep in their souls even after the society stamps – OLD – on their face, and that is the case of those who enjoy working or having fun, who like to discover new things and confronting new challenges all the time long after they have become seniors.
Being young is the courage to fight the prejudices the grown ups try to impose on us. Taking risks is not always quite the perspective of the adults that is why sometimes we, the youth, feel somehow rejected or not taken into consideration. I said that being young means to gain experience and what I mean is that we are supposed to pay attention to the advice of more experienced people but at the same time we should not obey their rules as if they were perfect.
And what is really important is that we rule – we, the young people, are more actively involved in all kind of activities that allow us to get more money and to keep the information we have access to up to the date. And everything is sometimes excessive in our case: eccentric outfits, loud music, crazy but eventually good ideas, good reactions. Some live dangerously others share more traditional values but one thing is clear – we fight for every inch of everything we know is ours.
So beware because we’re coming!!!!!

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ganduri galbene said...

Nice post. Full of optimism, joy and hope. If only we had that spirit burning in us at every second of our lives ... but too often we forget how free and capable we are.

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