Monday, 18 June 2007

Keep Your Body in Good Shape

The ancient Greeks paid much attention to the body and did their best to improve man's natural abilities. Later the Romans became preoccupied with sports. While for the Greeks and the Romans the games were either displays of force and courage or preparations for the wars they fought, nowadays it is a necessity to practice a sport.
Football is the anointed king of all sports. Teams or players are international stars. Business is made. TV Commercials or ads on the pitch transformed the world of sports into a multi-billion dollars industry. What is left from the ancient ideals of beauty and perfection is the respect for the physical performance and less for the means of achieving it.
People enjoy watching or playing football, tennis or golf for example. Due to the lack of physical activity many of us are forced to go to gyms where we can exercise our bodies. All over the world authorities and private persons try to involve as many people as possible in sport activities. Perhaps the best known occasions to make athletics popular with the public are the huge public marathons that are held in big cities worldwide. This kind of sport is very popular as more and more people get involved into long term physical training activities.
There are sports, however, that are ‘passive’. Let us take for example the F1. Who does not like to see a car passing at speeds of hundreds of kilometers per hour past the… camera? You simply watch and the only physical effort are the exclamations of surprise when a driver loses direction. Some other sports such as climbing are not accessible to anyone because it is necessary to be in an extremely good physical shape and to be mentally balanced.
In my opinion everybody should go out from time to time and jog in the park because it is healthy and really helps you. Playing football with your friends just for fun, even you are not Ronaldo, helps you keep your body healthy and in good shape. Becoming a couch potato is not a challenge but a danger.

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