Saturday, 16 February 2008

Australia and the Orthodox Christians

It's been a real surprise for me to find on Elisabeth and Craig's blog these pictures - I hope they don't mind me taking these pictures from their post on their trip in Australia.
This church is situated in Cobber Pedy

"Coober Pedy

846km North of Adelaide. Coober Pedy - the opal capital of the world is Australia's unique "underground town". Half its 3,500 people from over 45 different nationalities live underground to escape the summer heat.

The cosmopolitan capital of Australia's opal mining towns has numerous interesting features including historic mines, dugout homes, shops, churches, the colourful Stuart Range and - of course - OPAL! It has been described as looking much like the surface of the moon."

(from here)

At Cobber Pedy there is also a Catholic church built underground - in an old copper mine.
More details here.
In Australia there are a few orthodox denominations that are organized either as bishoprics or as parishes under the jurisdiction of dioceses.
The Greek Orthodox Archidiocese of Australia - jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch
The Russian Orthodox Diocese for Australia and New Zealand
The Coptic Orthodox Church of Australia
The Romanian Orthodox Church in Australia - as far as I understand there is also a Romanian Vicariate in Australia
Other links to other Orthodox churches and denominations in Australia.

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