Monday, 12 May 2008

How to become emo when on a budget

For those wanting to be "in with the emo scene" but are limited on cash, this is the guide for you. (warning * this is how to look emo, not be emo.)


1. Listen to the music. Some good bands to get into are:
* The Get Up Kids
* The Used
* Atreyu
* At The Drive-In
* Backslap

2. * Ringworm
* Underoath
* Linkin Park
* Evanescence
* With Honor
* Flirting With Suicide
* Sunny Day Real Estate
* Hawthorne Heights
* Dashboard Confessional
* Alesana

-Flirting With Suicide's songs are easily to download on the Internet. For other bands find cheap CDs at Best Buy, WalMart, Target, or the bargain racks in media stores like Virgin and Tower Records.
o Keep up with the latest bands, part of being emo or following any music trend is keeping up. Keeping up also costs no money at all.
3. Develop an emo attitude. Any "attitude" is hard to describe: like love you just know it if you have it. Observe other emos and copy their attitude. Some aspects of the emo attitude include:
* Be social, yet slightly withdrawn.
* Be a little isolated and only talk to a few people, but make friends in all groups, genders, and races.
* Don't lament: That is way too stereotypical.
* Cry sometimes so that you can be seen by your friends.
You don't need to follow the fashion. Here are some emo fashion tips include:
You can find these cheaply at or thrift stores.
5. Fitting jeans: You can get these at a thrift store and modify them your own way with things like fabric paint and safety pins.
A studded belt.
Pick these up for cheap at a thrift store.
Converse shoes.
You have got to splurge on these or you may be able to pick up a good original pair in a used clothing store, these are usually slightly worn.
Buy striped socks and fingerless gloves
Pick these up cheaply or knit your own. Create the gloves with a pair of scissors.
Horn-rimmed glasses
If you don't need glasses don't wear them, you'll look and feel really stupid and be blind.

* Consider bright greens, reds to black and skeleton bone shirts like My Chemical Romance wears.
* Choose the right colors. Color is important to emo culture as it helps define the kind of emo kid you are. Think about color with these tips:
* Black is always the main color, but not always the most important.

Wear makeup. Everybody has their own makeup tips. Some emo kids makeup tips include:
- Don't put too much white powder, actually put none on at all!
- You can buy cheap but quality makeup in a variety of places including Walmart and Dollar Stores
- Get black nail-polish at any dollar store.


* Go to local thrift stores for some band tees.
* Check eBay and other online sites for great deals on unique items.
* Look for SALES at the most unexpected shops or markets.
* Try searching youtube for music videos if you can't afford the album itself. Although not the best quality it can help you choose between albums if you can only buy one or two.

* A lot of people hate emos; expect to be made fun of.
* If you go too far, you look like a poser.
* Don't expect to do this in just five seconds.

Things You'll Need

* First of all a small amount of money.
* Time to shop for bargains.
* Good local stores.

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