Saturday, 30 August 2008

Animal Testing

I believe that animal testing is necessary nowadays. Some animals may suffer for the benefit of humans. If you prevent animal testing, should you stop people from eating meat? Many scientists say that they can't cure deadly diseases without using animals.
I believe that animal testing is extremely necessary because it is unethical to make people sick on purpose. Most experiments can only be done on animals. As a result of animal testing we have discovered diseases and cures for most of them.
If you prevent animals from being tested, should you stop people from eating meat?
Killing an animal for food isn't that different from killing an animal while testing a new product or medicine. Animal testing could be considered more necessary than killing an animal for food. People enjoy the animal "products" that they consume daily.
Many scientists say that humans can't cure deadly diseases without using animals. Without animal testing scientists believe that it may take longer to find cures for diseases like AIDS, cancer and Alzheimer's. Causing unnecessary suffering is wrong, but conducting experiments on animals is necessary for human health. The testing that scientists perform on animals can save human lives.
Animal rights activists' claim that test tube experiments, computer simulations and other methods are alternatives to testing medicines and other products on animals. Many of these techniques are valuable, and are used by scientists on a regular basis. The problems are that they don't tell us everything we need to know. Mixing human cells with a new drug in a test tube doesn't show how the drug will affect an entire human body. Animals are far too complicated for computers to simulate perfectly. Animal testing is a very important step in improving human health.

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