Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Mothers-in-law. Behaviour and characteristics.

Mothers-in-law, also called “her mother”, are a unique and distinct human species. Unfortunately they do not disappear, this is the problem most married men encounter. They do not live either as normal and natural humans. They simply interfere with honest men’s life, they bother young honourable gentlemen and husbands who want to have some fun late at night in a pub or refuse to take their newly born baby out for a walk.
A typical mother-in-law is 40 or 50 years old, retired or on her way to retirement, a good looking, or on the contrary, a one in a thousand ugly woman, who has no other concern than to take care of her beloved child. The fact is most mothers-in-law totally forget that their babies are frown-ups, young responsible persons who want to enjoy at least a moment of peace and quiet. A mother-in-law leaves you no break: she is a pain in that part of the body- If you got a training session to become a SWAT, you would have more free time for yourself and your wife. But your mother-in-law might be even tougher and more challenging.
How does she behave?
On a typical day she phones you to ask if you have fed the baby and if you have bought flowers for aunt Mary’s birthday. (Who’s this aunt Mary after all?!) You did not? Oh my God!!! YOU PIG! You should go and buy some at once! She will be at your place at 12 p.m. Unlucky you, this was supposed to be your free day. The guys were coming to see a football match on TV. At 12 p.m. sharp, she knocks at the door. Your place is a mess – in her opinion – the baby cries and you stink. Your wife told you to do this and that, but you did not, she knows that and nothing can make her believe something else. Yet, the day is saved once more by your mother-in-law. She actually drives anyone crazy – and brings what she calls “order” to other people’s lives.
She starts doing the housework and claims you should do the same. Whatever, helping her is just a stage in your life. But the fact is nothing is well done. Eventually leaving home is a decision to be made. At 7 p.m., when you are back, your life is ruined. The wife knows you are lazy, drunkard and ignore the child.
And above all mum wanted to help but got no support from anybody in the house. Is it any use to get angry with her? No, there is not. She is just another pain there-
At least she makes good food, which is not the case with her daughter.

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