Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Roma people

Many people in Europe try to integrate the Roma people or gypsies in their societies and culture. Things start to improve, at least in their mind, when they call them roma, gens du voyage or travellers. Is this enough? No, it is not.
Gypsies have been so far dependent on landowners or on practising various crafts such as wood craving. They simply do not know how to make a living from a decent job. Until the mid 1850's another person used to take care of them as they were mere slaves on a property. After 1848 revolutions in Europe thye were set free, but freedom is irrelevant for them. They started movinf from a place to another as they were not welcome anymore.
Today history repeats. It is hard for them to understand that no state in supposed to socially assist them from birth to death without paying taxes or without earning their living.

Roma people will cause trouble as long as they do not understand work brings prosperity and stability and at the same time helps them really fight prejudice.

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