Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Be Free, Be Smart, Get Your Card

Just think how easy is to pay your weekly shopping or the bills with a card or how safe it is to travel to any corner of the world having with no other concern in your mind than to enjoy your trip. Millions of locations worldwide accept credit cards issued by different banks under the surveillance and with the assistance of famous brands such as Visa, Master Card, American Express or Maestro.
OK these are the advantages of having a card and a bank account. When it comes to making the right choice things get pretty difficult. Banks or other financial institutions have their own policies, different fees, rewards or bonuses.
Why losing your time or pay extra-money? You can enter a specialized web site, such as, that helps you choose the most suitable credit card offers for you.
Personally I believe e-payments and all sort of e-transactions are the future and everybody should benefit from the advantages of these services. Specialized sites are increasingly important and useful. provides the visitors looking for a card on the web with a wide range of choices, comparisons of interest rates, a list of prices and the possibility to apply on-line for one of the products. I was very pleased to see that the comparison includes details such as rewards offered by the issuer. For example a Sainsburys Platinum Card brings you a Sainsburys Voucher and a Virgin Credit Card comes with Virgin discounts.
Particularly interesting are the reviews on banking products and the links found at the bottom of the home page that can be accessed with a simple click.

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