Saturday, 2 June 2007

My Online Fitness Center

I have recently found out that I might have some problems in the years to come because of some extra pounds I weigh. This means of course that some medical conditions related to the excess of fats can also appear. I am not a very active person. I try to practice a sport but as it is the case with so many of us I do not have the time and sometimes I am too tired to go for a jog around the park.
A friend of mine told me to eat only fat free ecological food, another told me to go to a doctor who could help me, another one told me to take medicines. And yet, I told to myself, all these are time consuming and perhaps I have to pay for a therapy that would lead to a unsatisfactory result.
In my opinion taking weight off or keeping the right weight is not easy. I have looked for various methods and some of them promised wonders, some of them were unaffordable and others were simply stupid and impossible.
One week ago I was absolutely delighted to find out that there is the best solution for my concerns. On there are is the healthy, 100% free and very accessible method to control effectively my weight. I have started keeping a food diary and an activity log after joining free Keeping track of the nutritional contents of the food I have every day and of the physical activity I do helps me losing weight easily and quickly without any special diet and without paying a cent. The system, that consists of a calorie counter and an over 6,000 food items data base listed according to some key categories and principles, learns from me and at the same time I can make better food choices that meet my body’s demands and needs. There is not only this log that you can keep on-line but also a large community of people who you can join and read or post different threads that concern you.
Personally I have found out that I can keep fit eating what I like and when I like just that I have to keep in my mind that healthy food supports a healthy body.

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