Thursday, 17 May 2007

Blogging for money?

A few days ago I was surfing on the internet looking for opportunities to get some extra money and I can tell you that the web offers anyone who is interested pretty good chances to make a fortune or at least get some dollars.
You do not have to be a computer genius or a software guru to start making money sitting comfortably at your desk and using the services of some of the best teams working in e-commerce, such as the guys at smorty are. When I started writing my own blog I had no idea about using the resources of this kind of web application and yet I have learned something since the first attempt.
So when it comes get paid to blog or blog advertising one of the best solutions is to look for a site that connects advertisers with bloggers. This is what does. It is a very easy to use site that gives bloggers the chance to get paid to blog about different products and other aspects that concern the advertisers. Your blog must be at least 3 months old and it must be active. What is more, smorty is free and signing up requires no extra fees or taxes. On their home page they say your application will be reviewed in up to 72 hours but I can assure you they are faster than that.
After your blog being approved it is nothing else easier than to write a post on your blog about a particular subject that you choose from the opportunities at your disposal in your account.
Do not forget that if you want to your post must be approved by an administrator. Oh … there is something else! The anchor text provided is very helpful and you should use it all the time if you want good results and get paid 6$ for each approved post.

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