Friday, 15 June 2007

Lying the Lawyers?

Most of us – in no matter what state or country – believe that all lawyers are extremely well paid persons who work for their clients and are get a lot of money from the defendants in intensely publicized trials. But every day I find more and more evidence on the web or in newspapers that in fact being a lawyer is nor necessarily synonymous with being rich and having an expensive mansion
Hank Petty, Jr. is one of the many American recent law school graduates and he can testify to the fact that many myths about this job are in fact just lies. He really says The Truth About The Lawyer Mill and he provides valuable information and evidence – in the Know Before You Go section there are a lot of very useful links - that might be of great help for young people who intend to become lawyers. His weblog also brings new evidence for those lawyers who intend to quit their jobs for better paid and more rewarding ones in other domains.
Most law school graduates are lied to about their options after graduation. Young lawyers usually end up in jobs that bring very low monthly income and they cannot pay their student loans. They start doing – sometimes with no chance of improvement – the work the top employees do not want to do anymore.
The posts and the links on Hank’s weblog are written in a style that most of you will enjoy reading. He makes his point telling us his very well written stories and presenting as objectively as possible his own experience in the field of law. His links to various sites are very well chosen and range from the Departament of Labor to sites that deal with tuition fees and the hidden traps of the so called 'bright prospects'.

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