Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Health Care and Insurance

Most people know how important is to have a health insurance. But at the same time most of us do not know how important it is to choose the right insurance plan. Basically ‘the best plan’ offers a package that provides the most relevant coverage to our personal needs at the lowest cost. Anybody knows – some of us from personal traumatic experience – that health care in the US is very expensive and that hospital bills and the doctor’s fees that have to be paid usually reach tens of thousands of dollars. The right health insurance package that meets the demands of you and your family covers all the costs of a routine medical treatment or a complex operation. But how can you choose the most suitable one?
The other day I was looking on the internet for more details about health insurance and I have come across this website, My Insurance Review - Health, that does not sell any ‘all covering’ health-insurance but it gives you free online advice on insurance issues and some good tips that will definitely help you. If you are shopping for a health insurance this site helps you to learn the basics of insurance before buying an insurance package.
For example I have found out that “the lowest priced plan is not always the cheapest”, in other words you should look for the insurance plan that offers the benefits which are most likely to be used by you for the lowest price. Another great tip is about your provider. My Insurance Review-Health recommends that you learn as much as possible about your provider. You have to look for the best doctors and health care facilities that can meet any needs that you might have at a given time in the future.
Do not forget to take a look at the section about legal rights that you have as an employee and citizen who works and pays his monthly premium. Your rights are guaranteed by COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). So get your health insurance considering all the aspects of this important decision.

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Lil Astar Thufth said...

I didn't know that anyone read my blog, but there you go. (:

I'm already covered with insurance. More like smothered, actually. I had insurance for almost every little thing. 0_0

The articles are very useful though. Thanks for sharing them. (:


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