Tuesday, 12 June 2007

New Age in Politics

I have just come across news about two world leaders acting quite strange in different situations in two EUropean countries.

The first is the newly appointed president of France Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy. After an official dinner with Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, Mr. Sarkozy was supposed to answer the journalists' questions but it seems he was a little ... tired and too happy. The French news channel claim he was simply too tired and that he had only water during the meeting with Mr. Putin. And yet it seems that highly effective Russian persuasive arguments determined Mr. Sarkozy lose his control.
Just watch this short film

Other "interesting" episode is the one that demonstrates Mr. George Bush, the president of the USA does not really know how to talk to a Pope in Vatican, namely Pope Benedict XVI. Instead of addressing the Pope by the formal name of his office he used the words "Yes, sir".

Oh there is something more. On a visit to Albania (in the Balkans, southern Europe) Mr. Bush lost his watch, some say it has been stolen by a sincerly appreciative supporter. Perhaps some citizens there lost their Soviet made Pobeda watches.

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