Friday, 13 July 2007

Laura Andresan at Botosani

Laura Andresan is coming to Botosani for a hot show on the 14th of July. This is a double celebration for this county in the north-east of Romania as on that day the French people celebrate their National Day. So the National Day of France is a double occasion for celebration in Botosani, a small part of the francophone speaking world.
Laura Andresan is very well known in Romania for her really hot public shows and private parties she goes to. She has already starred in some hot clips and movies that are in fact considered by the Romanian authorities (especially NAC - CNA) as too hot and not appropriate for public display.
Laura is to appear in a show in KUAN YIN club for the first time in Botosani. Some journalists from Bucharest claim she is actually raising money - some 100,000 euros - for a young woman suffering from leukemia.
People in Botosani - especially men - can hardly wait to see her performing in a local club and the party is going to be a once in a life time occasion to enjoy the best atmosphere ever in this part of the world.


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